Services we offer

Our services offer specialized, customized fluid dynamics and cloud computations. The software is based on patented proprietary algorithm that is easy to use, especially suitable for researchers or anyone in a time-constrained environment.

Soteria One Point Zero is a cloud based stand-alone software platform designed to display and analyze head and neck medical images (DICOM compatible image from CT or CBCT scanner) for airway flow characteristics including flow velocity and pressure within the airway. These results are intended to be used along with patient’s clinical history, as well as physicians’ professional judgment. These information are not for immediate diagnostic nor treatment use, they are to be used to determine if the airway is obstructed and at which location.


It is a build preparation software designed with 3D printers in mind. It is designed to convert medical images from CT or CBCT scanners to STL format that can be used by other software or hardware.

Its advantages include:

  • Simple and easy
  • Fast processing (including smoothing) and output
  • The surface of output stl file is always closed and connected
  • Automatically calculate total segmentation volume and slice segmentation area
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